Baby Natura 

- Child Prodigy - Inventor of new chess game variant "BlankChess" - Chess Prodigy - World's Youngest International FIDE Rated Chess Player in July 2011 FRL.

About Natura

Full NameNatura Bethi
ParentsMrs. Jaya D. Bethi & Mr. Daya Bethi
Date of BirthMarch 14, 2005
HobbiesPlaying Chess, Surfing Internet, Watching Videos, Visiting New Places, Learning New Things...
FIDE ID2504 8864

Natura Bethi invented new chess game variant when she was 4 years 4 months old. She was placing chess pieces on the board as shown on a printout to learn knight forks. She started placing with King Pieces and she got this idea. She told her father to play like that way. Interestingly, he thought this could be a chess variant and searched on the web, but this did not exist. He realized that, it will become a wonderful chess variant and named it "Blank Chess". Now she is practicing more to create more wonders.

Natura became World's Youngest International FIDE Rated Chess Player in July, 2011 FRL. She achieved this without any professional chess background.

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